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R.L. Summerling is a part-time dark speculative fiction writer and full-time squirrel watcher from South East London. Her interests lie in poisonous plants and decaying cities. In the gloom, she finds her inspiration. She has fiction in or forthcoming with Interzone, Seize the Press, Hexagon, Northern Gravy and many more. Her zine, FLESHPOTS, is a short collection of decandent poetry, short stories and flash fiction and can be downloaded on on the 17th August



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FLESHPOTS is a collection of short stories, poetry and flash fiction. Between these pages find a funeral procession of 14 decadent tales. Drink from the poisoned rivers, dance in the catacombs and seek romance amidst the crumbling city.  These are stories of radical transformation, art curses, post apocalyptic beauty and ecocide. Download here or request a copy here

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